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Who are VoipSec?

Founded with the mission to simplify the over complicated and costly area of VoIP security, VoipSec is the next generation provider in this growing market.

All VoipSec products have been designed to run in Virtualised environments, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive hardware and rapidly decreasing the time it takes to deploy VoIP security solutions.

VoipSec are based in Milton Keynes in the UK.

Why can I download EasySBC for free?

VoipSec has turned the pricing model for VoIP security on its head in order to make it affordable to any size of business. Currently the return on investment for many hardware SBCs prices most SMEs out of the market and as such they are forced to comprise on their VoIP security or not make the move to SIP Trunking at all.

With EasySBC, there is no capital expenditure for the session border control. The way VoipSec operates as a business is to charge for its support services only. This way can you install the virtual SBC for free, and if you require support for the product, that is all you have to pay for.

Does VoipSec’s free EasySBC mean I am paying high prices for the support I receive?

Absolutely not, our pricing speaks for itself! VoipSec’s support pricing is easily affordable to all sizes of business. Starting at just £1 per channel per month for Bronze support and increasing from there depending on the level of support required, you select the best support package for your business. You can easily upgrade your support package at any time if you feel you need a greater level of support.

I need help installing EasySBC, what should I do?

Within this VoipSec support site we have included a tutorial video to help walk you through the process of deploying EasySBC into your virtual environment. Once you have followed the deployment instructions, based on your virtual environment, there are 10 configuration steps to get EasySBC up and working. Again, these are step by step instructions and will guide you through configuration.

With all of these documents there should be no problems deploying EasySBC.

If you encounter major problems, which you cannot resolve, our lowest priced Bronze support package starts at just £1 per channel, per month. So for just a small fee you can have EasySBC supported from 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and this will give you ongoing support and maintenance.