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Unsecured Voice Calls Leave the Door Wide Open

20th October 2016

VoIP may deliver great savings over traditional telephony, but with call-jacking over unsecured lines costing UK businesses – not the telephony providers – around $1.2 billion a year, the cost/benefit argument is perhaps more complex than many SMEs realise.

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Tech Target: Update session border controllers routinely for secure SIP trunking

1st August 2016

Enterprises need to ensure session border controllers are up to date to combat the changing landscape of voice attacks. Here are seven questions to ask about SBC security.

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Risk UK: The SIP Security Fallacy

1st July 2016

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Information Security Buzz: Cybercrime Is Hurting UK’s Small Businesses Disproportionately

23rd June 2016

In Paul’s letter to the Editor, he highlights how the industry must increase awareness across the board that any Internet related deployment demands security.

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Information Age: How to do SIP Trunking securely

9th June 2016

In the rush to gain the compelling cost benefits offered by SIP trunking, too many organisations are forgetting the basics of IT deployment.

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IT Pro Portal: 5 VoIP security tips every business should implement

18th April 2016

VoIP is a very cost effective, flexible and scalable network solution for businesses big and small but is a target for hackers – what solutions should you be implementing?

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Comms Business: ANT Telecom adds VoipSec for secure SIP

10th March 2016

ANT Telecom has added VoipSec’s cloud-based voice security solution, EasySBC, to its SIP trunk offering, allowing customers to deploy secure SIP without the need for significant upfront costs for security hardware.

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Professional Security: SIP Security Fallacy

4th March 2016

Static security doesn’t exist – all security products become vulnerable, so how do you adapt?

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Comms Business: The rise and fall of global telecom fraud

8th February 2016

Angela German, Director of Marketing, VoipSec calls for the CFCA to substantiate this statement, and questions the conclusions of their Global Telecom Fraud Survey.

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