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The rise and fall of global telecom fraud

17th November 2016

The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) has announced the results of its Global Telecom Fraud Survey, reporting an 18% decrease in communication fraud since 2013. CFCA attributes this increase in collaboration and coordination among carriers in identifying and stopping fraudulent activity following the 2013 report, but Paul German, CEO & Founder of VoipSec calls for the CFCA to substantiate this statement, and questions the conclusions of the report.

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Is your Session Border Controller providing a False Sense of Security?

1st July 2016

Organisations have latched on to the need to secure SIP trunking solutions by implementing a Session Border Controller (SBC). The problem is that the vast majority of SBCs are considered not just one- off investments but also one-off deployments. 

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Cybercrime is hurting UK's small businesses disproportionately

1st June 2016

As the recent Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) study* highlights, the UK’s small businesses are today more at risk of cybercrime than ever before. Yet, the majority lack both the resources and the skills to put in place appropriate protection, resulting in a lack of security with a total annual cost to small business of around £5.26 billion over 2014 and 2015.

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Breaking the Barriers to SIP Security

1st April 2016

As the benefits of VoIP become ever clearer to businesses of every size, sales of the underpinning SIP Trunking technology continue to grow, providing a great revenue stream for vendors and resellers alike. But how many organisations are fundamentally compromising customer relationships by ignoring the need to add security to the SIP Trunking solution?

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The SIP Security Fallacy

1st March 2016

There is no such thing as static security – all security products become vulnerable over time as the threat landscape evolves. Any ‘deploy once, update infrequently or never’ security solution is inherently flawed. 

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Counting the Security Costs of Cheap Calls

1st June 2015

The decision to move to SIP trunking appears straightforward: reduced costs, greater scalability, improved disaster recovery options and access to the productivity benefits enabled by Unified Communications (UC).

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